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Shree Shara Steels & Alloys is professionally engaged in the distribution of electrical equipment by being a channel partner for the foremost brands in the electrical industry. Our product range includes wires & cables, switches & switchgear, lights & fans, pumps & motors, transformers, solar products, HVAC solutions, skylights and all other electrical accessories. We have reached unmatched heights with the help of the quality and competitive pricing of our products. We are also known for our precise planning, prompt delivery and immediate erection by our highly-trained team of staff members. We are well experienced in the field of evaporative cooling, industrial ventilation and temperature maintaining solutions. In India, we are the first to employ these evaporative air coolers to successfully replace the high power consuming traditional humidification systems at a reasonable price, along with guarantee for quality in the textile industry and as air handling units in other industrial sectors such as Textile, Apparels, Automobiles, Jute, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramic, Steel, Tea, Tobacco, Packaging industries and also in Auditoriums and Educational Institutions.

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Our customers have chosen to trust us and in return, we strive to anticipate and understand their needs and delight them with our timely service. We value our customer satisfaction above everything else and aspire to make their lives richer, more fulfilled and more connected. We always listen and respond to each one of our customers.


We gather feedback obsessively and invest time and effort in the feedback to continually improve ourselves. We seek speed, flexibility and efficiency in work we do to set benchmark results. And we also make sure that we work on each and every aspect through identifying and developing all the tiny areas of improvement that will add up to giving the best results.


Keeping in mind the world around us, we always look forward to helping people around us to have fuller lives - both through the services we provide and through the impact we have on the world around us. We recognise the responsibilities that accompany the growth we have achieved and we will be a force for good around us. It is to be noted that spirit of partnership and mutual respect is critical in all the activities we carry forward.

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