RPG GROUP is a strong conglomerate with a diversified portfolio in the areas of infrastructure, tyres, information technology, health, energy and plantations.

RPG CABLES, a divison of KEC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED was incorporated in the year 1959 as Asian Cables. It was acquired is the year 1966 by RPG Group and merged in the year 2010 with KEC International Ltd to become one of the leading Cable manufacturers in the nation with manufacturing plants in Vadodara, Mysore and Silvassa. They are having a very strong dealer network across the country with a very highly skilled management team who have taken RPG Cables to whole new heights. They are Dedicated to delivering the best while staying true to deep-rooted values. Their Products are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified with CPRI approval upto 220kV. RPG Cables have received various awards and achievements for their quality and service. Above all, customer satisfaction is the most honorable award they have been receiving untill now.